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Do you need a theft lawyer in Brampton? If you have been accused of being in a certain situation, you may need the help of a good attorney. Legal guidance can really help when you’re facing a court battle with the law. You can get some serious time if you are found guilty of theft and possibly have to do community service and pay fines, as well.

There are consequences to stealing on any level, whether it is a burglary from a local convenience store, breaking in to a private residence, and more. Here are four times that you need a theft lawyer in Brampton. Read on to find out more and figure out whether you need to hire legal representation.

4 Times When You Need a Theft Lawyer

1. When You’re Caught Shoplifting

Being caught shoplifting can come with some serious consequences. If you have shoplifted from a store and been caught doing so, there could be some major implications that you might not like. You may be able to get off lightly if you are a first time offender, but this depends on a lot of things, including your theft lawyer in Brampton. Shoplifting is never a good charge to get, but it’s also one of the lesser evils when you look at all of the possible reasons why you might need a criminal lawyer. Stealing a candy bar is not good, but it’s also not as devastating as defrauding people of their money.

2. Being Part of Pyramid Schemes

If you were caught up in a pyramid scheme, also called by its other name, a “Ponzi scheme”, you can get in big trouble. Some people know they’re part of a pyramid scheme, while other people think it’s some type of investment or lottery. There’s not always a sure fire way to tell you’re part of a pyramid scheme, but you can get into major trouble with the law if you are found to be part of or operating a pyramid scheme. In these times, you need representation and you can get that with the help of a good criminal lawyer in Brampton.

3. If You Have Broken Into a Home

Sometimes we really mess up and breaking into a home can be a huge crossing of the line. Plenty of burglars have broken into a home thinking that the family or people inside are out and found that there is a person home. Penalties can be even more severe if the crime is conducted at night. Depending on whether you did it or not, you may need a criminal lawyer in Brampton on your side.

4. Defrauding and Cheating People

Just because you come up with a neat scheme to steal people’s money does not mean it is not theft. You definitely need legal help on your side if you have been defrauding people and stealing their money. Talk to an experienced criminal lawyer in Brampton, because cheating and defrauding individuals is a serious crime that will likely be treated as such. Now is not the time to represent yourself in court, so consult a reliable lawyer today.

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