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Even the most amicable divorce can turn out to be horrible when the issue of custody comes up. Most parents want to be part of their children’s lives, so they will fight with all they have to defend their rights. Both sides will need experienced child custody lawyers in Northwest Calgary to help the parents reach an acceptable agreement. If you are in the process of dissolving your marriage and you have children, you should get a seasoned lawyer to help you with the custody issue. Here are some things to consider when choosing a child custody lawyer:


Courts encourage parents to make their own arrangements when it comes to child custody, so most of these cases are decided without a ruling from the judge. An experienced lawyer will take this chance to negotiate a good agreement that gets their client exactly what they want. If you hire an inexperienced child custody lawyer, they might be unable to negotiate a favourable deal, leaving you with an arrangement that does not sit well with you.

You should focus on lawyers who specialize in family law. Law is a broad field, so ensure that the child custody or child support lawyer in Northwest Calgary you choose specializes in this area. Also, you should ensure that your attorney has represented many parents in your situation before and was able to get them favourable agreements.


Many seasoned, sought-after child custody lawyers in Northwest Calgary are almost impossible to get on the phone. Such lawyers might be unwilling to take on new clients, as they already have their plates full. It is actually common for clients to hire such an attorney, only to have the lawyer’s associates handle most of the details of their case. Your children are your most precious thing in the world, so you should hire a child custody attorney you can reach easily. Therefore, if you find it hard to schedule an appointment with a potential lawyer, then keep looking.

Communication Skills

Ensure that the child custody or child support lawyer in Northwest Calgary you choose has excellent communication skills. Such lawyers will be able to analyze your case and explain your options in a manner that you can understand. If there are major challenges with your case, the attorney should be able to explain that in plain English and let you know the best child custody deal you can get under the circumstances. You should also note how a potential lawyer answers your questions and addresses your concerns. A good lawyer will patiently answer all your questions to put your mind at ease.

Reasonable Fees

Normally, child custody lawyers in Northwest Calgary will charge you either a flat fee or an hourly rate. Lawyers who charge a flat fee should be preferred, as they are more affordable. The hourly rate is often reserved for more complicated custody cases that involve court battles. Conduct some extensive research and compare the cost of one child custody lawyer to another to get quality service for the most reasonable price.


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