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Whether you are a business person, a family man or woman or the owner of a real estate property, you are bound to require professional legal assistance at some point. If you have found yourself in such a situation, you will need to seek assistance from a reputable law firm that has seasoned legal experts who can help you navigate your issues with minimal effort. Luckily, there are numerous full service law firms which provide a wide range of legal services.

Legal Services Offered in Langley

If you are based in Langley and are in need of professional legal services, you will find a number of full-service law firms that are renowned for providing a wide range of personalized legal services, with keen attention to detail. The seasoned lawyers at these firms always strive to provide timely and practical legal solutions that are customized to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a seasoned ICBC lawyer or a law firm with the best family lawyers in Langley, these firms can assist. Some of the legal services they offer include:

  1. Business Law

Whether you own a small, medium or large business, the legal team at the firm can provide you with practical legal advice on different business-related matters. With a lot of experience in a range of businesses, these experts can help you through the decision-making process. Whether your business is brand new or already well-established, they can help you out. They can offer you sound legal advice on matters concerning:

  1. a) Business structure
  2. b) Business finance
  3. c) Sale and purchase of business assets and shares
  4. d) Commercial contracts and agreements
  5. e) Debt collection
  6. f) Partnership and shareholder issues
  7. g) Business succession planning and
  8. h) Dispute resolution, among other things
  9. Family Law

Even though no one likes to witness the end of their family relationship, this may inevitably happen. Unfortunately, besides the stress that comes with it, the demise of such a relationship may be accompanied by various legal implications. And such matters can only be navigated with the help of a seasoned family lawyer. Luckily, these firms have some of the best family lawyers in Langley, who have specialized in helping clients through a wide range of matters concerning family law, such as:

  1. a) Adoption
  2. b) Child Advocacy, Protection, Family Violence & Protection Orders
  3. c) Cohabitation and Pre-nuptial Agreements
  4. d) Child Custody, Guardianship and Access
  5. e) Division and Protection of Assets
  6. f) Divorce & Common Law Separation
  7. g) Family Mediation
  8. h) Separation Agreements
  9. i) Spousal and Child Support
  10. Personal Injury, ICBC, and Wrongful Death

Whether you are searching for a seasoned personal injury, wrongful death or ICBC lawyer to help you pursue your rightful compensation, these firms can also help with this. These firms boast dedicated teams of lawyers who have a lot of experience in representing clients in matters concerning motor vehicle collisions, as well as personal injury claims that may be involving brain injury, fractures, spinal cord injuries, as well as amputations, among other things.

The legal experts at these firms can also help you with legal matters concerning real estate law, corporate or commercial and estate litigation, wills, estates and trusts, as well as mediation and arbitration. They are renowned for providing topnotch legal services for individuals, businesses and other corporate clients. Whether you are searching for the best ICBC lawyer or a firm with knowledgeable family lawyers in Langley, these firms can assist you.


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