DUI Lawyer

Whether it is intentional or unintentional, you may sometimes find yourself involved in or accused of a criminal offence, which can have serious implications on your life, your job, business and even your relationships. For you to stand any chance of winning such a case and preserving your freedom, reputation, job and income, you will need a professional criminal lawyer to provide you with the best legal advice and representation.

Services Offered by Criminal Law Firms in Edmonton

If you are in Edmonton and have been accused, charged or even already convicted of a criminal offense, you will find criminal law firms that can provide you with professional legal counsel and representation in court. Whether you are searching for a firm with the best DUI lawyers, or you are in need of a seasoned criminal defense lawyer in Edmonton, these firms have you covered. Some of their areas of practice include:

  1. Drug Offenses

Being convicted of any drug-related offense can result in very serious repercussions that could negatively affect your life for many years to come. For instance, you may lose your job, pay a lot of penalties, have a dented reputation, strained relationships and even serve a jail term. Luckily, these firms have very experienced drug lawyers who are renowned for effectively defending people that have either been arrested, accused or even convicted of drug-related offences. These range from illegal possession of prohibited drugs to drug trafficking, forged prescriptions, or even illegal possession of prescription drugs.

  1. Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Impaired Driving

These firms have highly qualified DUI lawyers who are able to examine the provided evidence and scrutinize errors to ensure that the specific case against you is conducted fairly and all your rights are respected. Whether you, a member of your family or even a friend has been accused or charged with a DUI offence or causing an accident as a result of drunk driving, these lawyers are able to help. They will ensure that your life is not turned upside down due to the suspension of your driving license, inability to work, termination of employment, having to attend DUI classes or mandatory alcohol treatment classes.

  1. Violent Offences

These firms also have seasoned assault lawyers who are able to construct personalized strategies for presenting the evidence in order to support your defense. This may include witness cross-examination, challenging the prosecution’s case, as well as police investigations. They can handle cases involving domestic violence, sexual assault, murder, uttering threats, conspiracy, weapon offences, disorderly conduct, obstructing peace officers, aggravated assault, public mischief and robbery, among other things.

These legal experts can also handle cases involving probation violations, prostitution, guns, wildlife and poaching, young offenders, as well as white collar crime offenders, such as credit card fraud, contractor fraud, mail fraud, forgery, as well as embezzlement, among other things. The seasoned lawyers at these firms will work very closely with you to ensure that your freedom, reputation, income and all your rights are preserved. Whether you are searching for seasoned DUI lawyers, or the best criminal defense lawyer in Edmonton to help you navigate your case, these law firms can help you out.


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