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Life often presents us with unforeseen circumstances and that is why it is always advisable to be prepared should the unexpected happen. This can partly be achieved by drafting a will or any other legal documentation that will secure your loved ones at the time when you are not around or when you are unable to do so. However, since legal questions concerning wills, probate law and personal directives may be overwhelming, you can avoid the stress by consulting the right legal experts.

Wills and Estate Planning Services Offered in Calgary

If you are in Calgary, you will find a number of well-established law firms that have specialized in providing professional legal assistance in matters concerning wills and estate planning. These firms are staffed with highly qualified and knowledgeable lawyers with a lot of experience in matters concerning wills, probate law, as well as personal directives. If you are searching for the best wills lawyer in Calgary, these firms can help. These legal experts have specialized in:

  1. Power of Attorney

The Power of Attorney basically refers to the legal powers that you grant another person who will be able to take action on your behalf in case you are unable to do so. The individual with this legal power can manage your finances, assets and other properties on your behalf. Awarding the power of attorney to a close friend or an immediate family member can be quite useful, as you will have peace of mind knowing that everything will happen the way you would have wanted, even when you are not the one in charge. In case you want to appoint a person to be your power of attorney, the professional lawyers at these firms can help.

  1. Probate Law

Probate is a court-supervised process that involves the gathering of the deceased person’s assets and ultimately distributing them among the inheritors and creditors. The probation of such an estate can be emotionally difficult, considering the weight of the events that precede it. Furthermore, family conflicts may arise due to the anticipated appropriation of the property or other complicated situations. That is why it is advisable to have an experienced probate lawyer to help you navigate the process. Luckily, these firms have seasoned probate lawyers who can help you to secure the assets, obtain the appropriate property appraisals, as well as file the necessary legal documents. These lawyers will also help you to avoid or handle certain disputes and even advise you concerning the applicable taxes and debt payment.

  1. Living Wills/Personal Directives

When you create a personal directive or living will, you will lift the burden of decision making off your family. These documents usually state your wishes in matters concerning your medical and end-of-life treatments. For instance, should you contract an incurable or terminal condition or sustain life-threatening injuries, a living will can help those attending to you understand the procedures you would not like performed on you, such as the use of feeding tubes, among other things. It may also contain funeral planning declarations or wishes, should you pass on.

The seasoned lawyers at these firms can also help you through the process of drafting your will. This is meant to help you protect all your assets and stipulate how you would like your estate and property distributed among the beneficiaries. Whether you need expert help with the drafting of a living will or you are searching for a seasoned wills lawyer in Calgary to help you write your will, these legal experts can help.


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